Energy Law

The Energy Market is still in transition since its liberalization in the year 1998. Newly-established market participants appear constantly as well as legal and tax conditions (eg concerning the sector of Renewable Energy Sources) with the result of considerable fluctuation in prices. WÄCHTER RECHTSANWÄLTE have committed themselves to this dynamic environment at an early stage. Already in 1999 Susanne Remes was co-founder of the EnergyLink Corporation which is advising significant companies with great energy demand in their economic development and which meanwhile – via several specialized subsidiary and associated companies – has expanded into being a supplier of end customers with primary and secondary energy (q.v.

In addition to that, Susanne Remes on behalf of WÄCHTER RECHTSANWÄLTE is frequently demanded as an expert in Energy Law for legal and trading negotiations with:

  1. Energy-intensive companies
  2. Standard customers
  3. Associations
  4. German and European Energy, Cooling, Heating and Gas Supply Companies
  5. Power plant operators
  6. Distribution system operators and transmission providers
  7. Contracting companies
  8. Constructors of power-generating facilities
  9. Federal and Provincial Network Agencies and Competition Authorities

Beside generating and reviewing contracts as well as the representation in official proceedings her special focus is on mediation and litigation. Frequently in the face of an amount of unsettled legal questions in numerous cases there is the possibility of finding an amicable settlement.